Jorge Alberto Lloreda

International Business

About Jorge Alberto Lloreda

Jorge Alberto Lloreda, based in Miami, FL, is an entrepreneur, commercial finance expert, and the CEO/President of FactorBrokers Inc. and Factor Plus. He possesses over 25 years of experience within the finance industry and has carved out a speciality within the field of factoring. 

Jorge started his career in commercial finance as a stock broker in a well known brokerage firm and worked his way up to a position as the President of a trust company in South America. When he discovered the world of factoring, Jorge began to realize the growth potential the financing niche held. 

In 2006, Jorge Alberto Lloreda founded FactorBrokers Inc. His company provides a wide range of commercial finance, such as risk and coverage solutions, accounts receivable, and cash management services to small-sized businesses in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, import/export and selected services worldwide. 

Unlike other factoring companies, Jorge Lloreda and FactorBrokers Inc. offer customized, creative, and incredibly flexible finance solutions for small businesses. Their clients typically have a high turnaround period when compared to traditional financial institutions. 

Though factoring may be a lesser known form of commercial financing, Jorge believes it is an incredibly useful form of funding, especially for small business owners. With factoring, small businesses can unlock working capital and improve their cash flow without incurring in additional debt, reduce costs associated with bad credit losses, and turn their accounts receivable into working capital. 

In 2015, after achieving high success with FactorBrokers Inc., Jorge Alberto Lloreda opened his second business, Factor Plus. As an entrepreneur, Jorge credits his success to his constant hard work and dedication. He also believes that the key to creating a great career and company lies in one’s ability to innovate and constantly seek new ways of accomplishing a goal. 

For Jorge, the most rewarding aspects of his career are also the most challenging. He finds immense satisfaction in the every day commercial transactions, as well as the underwriting and legal sides of his business. Mostly, though, Jorge loves being able to provide financial solutions to the challenges small business owners face. 

Jorge Lloreda is a graduate of Boston College’s School of Management where he obtained a degree in Operations Management in 1988. In his free time, Jorge enjoys spending time with his two children, aged 22 and 26. Together, they enjoy taking vacations to go skiing in Colorado and France. 

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