International business is a thriving industry, thanks to a rapid increase in globalization. It is an ideal field for individuals who are interested in global trade, know other languages, and appreciate different cultures. Here are some of the great careers that are options for those wanting to enter the world of international business.

Marketing Manager
Marketing managers are in high demand across the entire business world because their role is essential for engaging customers and increasing revenue, both of which ultimately keep a company in business. Marketing managers working in international business must be familiar with global consumer trends as well as the buying habits of consumers in a specific country or region. They direct the creation of marketing content, oversee teams of artists and marketing professionals, and plan marketing campaigns.

Larger economies are critical for businesses operating in multiple countries to monitor. For this reason, these companies commonly hire economists and other financial experts to aid in determining the direction of business operations, directing their investments, monitoring international economic trends, developing critical financial reports, and more. These professionals can work for major international for-profit and non-profit organizations, government agencies, and research institutions.

Policy Analyst
Policy analysts are an especially distinguished career in international business because both international laws and the laws in every country where the business has a presence all apply to how the company must be run. Policy analysts can specialize in any area of policy or industry. Sophisticated models and other tools help run simulations and test theories as to the effects of specific policies. With the data, insight, and knowledge, policy analysts help businesses and governments make decisions that are best for people and the bottom line.

Translation work is at the core of most international businesses. They need professionals who can interpret for executives who might need to make trips to foreign countries, translate relevant company documents into different languages, bring cultural understanding to the table, and much more. Some companies outsource this work while others ensure they hire multi-lingual employees or have a team of translators on staff. It’s critical to communicate in the country’s native language to gain trust and understanding.